Keep it flowing

The rivers and streams of the Colorado River Basin are the lifeblood of the West Slope of Colorado. These waterways nourish everything that happens here: agriculture, recreation, tourism, and many related businesses. The rivers support the quality of life we enjoy in our western Colorado communities.

But mounting pressures, from climate change to municipal and industrial growth, threaten the rivers of the West Slope. As we enter a challenging era of scarcity, water users across western Colorado recognize the need for smart water management to keep our communities, ranches, and businesses thriving.

The Our Colorado River list of core values speaks to cooperation, protection of agriculture, protection of open space and habitat, upgrading aging irrigation infrastructure and employing innovative water conservation and management practices. We urge you to sign the core values and help protect the rural West Slope communities that rely on water.

Listen to fellow Coloradans in the voices of the river, learn about TU’s conservation partnerships, and please show your support for protecting the Colorado River and its tributaries by signing the core values list.



Voices of the River

In these short videos, Coloradans speak passionately about their personal connection to the Colorado River and the importance of maintaining healthy rivers.


Conservation Partnerships

The Our Colorado River program has grown from our successful partnerships with ranchers and farmers.


Our Core Values

Five principles of smart water management for western Colorado.