Core Values

Sign  below and  show your  support  for  a  healthy  Colorado  River!

By endorsing these core values, western Colorado expresses its resolve for smart water management and protection of healthy rivers and healthy communities on the West Slope of Colorado.  These core values should also be reflected in water planning efforts such as the state water plan that Governor Hickenlooper has ordered be completed by December 2014.  Signing these core values tells Colorado’s water leaders that the state water plan must support the health of the Colorado River and the communities, businesses and families that depend on it.

  1. Cooperation, Not Conflict:  Work together to ensure the Colorado River is able to meet our diverse needs, from agriculture to recreation and tourism. Cooperation is the key to sustaining our present and growing our future.
  2. Protect Our Quality of Life: Maintain our open spaces through a vigorous agricultural sector and ensure that our rivers and streams are flowing and healthy.
  3. Modernize Irrigation: Upgrade our aging irrigation infrastructure systems to make them more productive, economical, and habitat-friendly.
  4. Innovative Management:  Explore new ways to meet our water supply needs through innovative conservation and management practices.
  5. Keep Our Rivers at Home:  Leave water in its home basins and oppose new, large scale,  river-damaging transbasin diversions of water from the Colorado River to the Front Range.



“Signing on behalf of the 138 members of the Gunnison Angling Society.”

Chris Matison, President, Gunnison Angling Society

“I don’t know enough to know the solutions, but I do know there are so many problems that need big solutions. I will help in any way I can.”

Michelle Ballinger

“To support the lifeblood river of the entire state and possibly the west. Beyond that, a critical part of Grand County tourism and a major impact on the economy of the county and area.”

Brian Young, Ouray Ranch

“Thanks to everyone at TU, your hard work and diligence is going to save the Colorado River and provide our future generations with a lifetime of opportunity. “

Christian Hill, Fly fishing guide in the Roaring Fork Valley

“Call it conservation call it efficiency it matters not as long as we are making positive steps forward to address our water issues.”

Cary Denison

“Keep up the good work with all water users – remember if you take care of the water from its source, all will benefit from many uses.”

Marshall Pendergrass, President, Gunnison Gorge Anglers